Here is a list of professional recording studios in our vicinity with whom we contract for various projects, depending on your technical requirements, scheduling, and cost considerations. Please check out their websites for equipment lists and other related information.
Audio For The Arts
7 S. Blair Street
Madison, WI 53703

Audio For The Arts is owned and operated by Buzz Kemper and Steve Gotcher, who have become quite in demand for their remote recording talents. A short list of their past clients includes: Bruce Cockburn, Ani DiFranco, Mary Chapin-Carpenter, YoYo Ma, The Smashing Pumpkins, Patti Smith, Luther Allison, The St. Paul Chamber Orchestra, and Sonia Dada. Also, if you need a great piano, this is your place.

Smart Studios
PO BOX 3097
Madison, WI 53704

Smart Studios is best known as the brain-child and home of the internationally acclaimed pop-rock group, Garbage. Smart’s past and current client list reads like a “who’s who” of modern rock and pop music. According to their website, they are also pleased to announce the purchase of a vintage Trident A-Range console. This classic board, previously in use at Cherokee Sound (Los Angeles) and Quad Studios (Nashville), is the last of only thirteen of its' kind made. Many classic rock, pop, and country records from the 70's, 80's, and 90's were tracked and mixed on this board! This 40 input console, outfitted with Neve Flying Faders automation, sounds AMAZING! They also own the granddaddy of ProTools systems. Our band, The Moon Gypsies, recently finished mixing our second album, “SLIP”, on this board. Look for audio clips on this website soon, as well as on our band’s MP3 site.

Concept Productions
7878 Big Sky Drive
Madison, WI 53719

Mary and I have done quite a few projects here over the years. Specializing in commercial audio recording, Dan Geocaris is our main man behind the console, and he’s as pro as they come. Concept Productions has recently installed a new digital console that’s especially suited for the editing requirements of commercial audio applications. They also have a great live sound room and the best mics, from classic old ribbon mics to the latest technology.

Randy's Recording
Cottage Grove, WI

We remember Randy Green’s studio when it was just two rooms in the back of his house. Since then, it’s grown into one of the favorite session studios in the area, due to Randy’s keen ear (backed by many years of experience as a professional musician), comfortable hangout surroundings, newly expanded drum room, reasonable rates, and the best sounding hand-tweaked Hammond B-3/Leslie combo this side of Chicago. Randy is also a philosopher, a keeper of LARGE dogs, and a maker of the blackest coffee on earth. No kidding. Our band, The Moon Gypsies, recorded our first album at Randy’s, and you can hear that whole album at our MP3 site.

Sleepless Nights
4251 W Beltline Hwy
Madison, WI

Sleepless Nights features the latest in ADAT technology. If you send us your project on ADAT, this is where we would go to add our parts. If you come to Madison to do your project at Sleepless Nights, you’ll also be able to clear your head between songs by beating up on one of the many classic arcade games in the lounge and lobby. Yes, they have Donkey Kong and Asteroids.

Haggar Audio Productions Inc
4902 Hammersley Rd
Madison, WI

Along with Concept Productions, Haggar Audio is one of Madison’s premiere commercial audio studios. They boast one of Wisconsin’s largest selections of music and sound effects. They also offer field recording for film and video, and CD and tape reproduction.

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