Performing in folk, blues, pop, and rock groups, as well as symphonies and jazz ensembles, we’ve learned the technical, listening, and creative skills to play what a song needs.

Despite our formal musical training, both of us can read and write music proficiently, as well as compose, arrange, or even improvise parts on the spot. We understand, though, that to be a GOOD SESSION MUSICIAN, one must not only possess the technical skills, and be a good reader, but most importantly, one must have the CREATIVITY to come up with the part that fits the GROOVE, or the HOOK that’s going to help make the song a success.

Arranging: Give us a melody or harmony you’d like us to work with, and maybe an idea of what instrument(s) or sound you’d like to hear, and we’ll arrange our own instrumental or vocal parts—subject to YOUR APPROVAL.

Composing: If you’re not sure what you want to hear, or would just like some fresh ideas, we would be happy to come up with our own parts—subject to YOUR APPROVAL. You can also commission us to write original compositions for album projects or commercial jingles (subject to either retainment of copyright and ownership, or buy-out).

Collaboration vs. Autonomy: One of our favorite methods of coming up with the best parts is to collaborate directly with the song-writer or client. It’s obviously the quickest and most direct way for you to get exactly what you want. We are also just as happy to take orders—tell us exactly what you want, write the parts out, or record a version of them, and we’ll do exactly as you wish.

We offer a number of different recording scenarios:
  1. We can arrange session times with you at the studio of your choice (subject to travel arrangements, which we will discuss during the scheduling process).


  2. Send us a COPY of your project on an ADAT tape(s), or an analog 1” or 2” audio-tape reel (along with a track sheet) of your session and we can add parts at any number of different professional local studios (taking into account any scheduling and cost considerations).

    Here is a list of professional recording studios in our vicinity with whom we contract for various projects, depending on your technical requirements, scheduling, and cost considerations.


  3. Studio Strings is also a tracking studio combining a Mac G4 platform with a ProTools Digi-002 and LE software. Send us pertinent guide tracks as .WAV or .AIF files on a CD-R or upload them to our FTP server and we will send completed tracks back to you in the same manner. We can also e-mail you occasional MP3 specs to keep you updated on our progress.

    Our Working Philosophy

    We will do what’s asked of us if it‘s within our ability to do so.

    We will provide experienced opinions when asked.
    [Music is subjective, so opinions are as good as it gets.]

    EVERY project is worth the time it takes to do it right.

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