Local Madison Studios

A list of professional recording studios in our vicinity with whom we contract for various projects, depending on your technical requirements, scheduling, and cost considerations. Please check out their websites for equipment lists and other related information.


Other Links
There's a lot of great music to be experienced at 1212 Music!

Spruce Tree Music
851 East Johnson
Madison WI 53703

We both teach private lessons in violin, fiddle styles, and beginning guitar techniques at Spruce Tree, have known the proprietors, Will and Julie, for many years, and have purchased a good portion of our instrumental arsenal from them. They keep their website updated with new arrivals of the acoustic and eclectic variety.

Cluster Research
5111 Mounds Park Road
Blue Mounds, Wisconsin 53517

This is Mary’s dad’s site! Don Gaines actually re-invented the wheel (and they said it couldn’t be done!). It’s simply called the “Gaines Heavy-Duty Bass Wheel”, and it is a pneumatic tire/wheel assembly that fits into the end-pin hole of upright acoustic basses so their owners can comfortably roll them across the lower East Side, on and off the subway, or just from the parking lot to the gig. Don (and sometimes we when he can snag us) assembles the wheels in his basement workshop, and they retail at several prominent music stores and bass shops from NYC to LA. Even if you don’t own a bass, or even play bass, you know that you want one.

Mike Massey

Mike Massey is the genius composer behind much of the commercial ad work we've done. In addition to being a very experienced songwriter, he's also an extremely talented keyboard player and singer.

Andrew Bird’s “Bowl of Fire”

Andrew Bird used to play with The Squirrel Nut Zippers and is one of our favorite new bands. It’s sort of The Beatles meet Tom Waits in the Mississippi Delta, but playing jazz and blues on the fiddle……in a French Café…...in an old classic movie…….with sub-titles. Hearing is believing.

Astor Piazzolla

The late-great Argentinian composer of Tango—his music is primal and beautiful. And, by the way, he was also one of the greatest bandoneon (large button accordion) players in the world.

Matthew Probst

Matthew is an old friend of ours who plays cello in a very unique way—and has this very cool website to tell you about it.

Oak Tree Antiques and Vintage Collectibles

From vintage microphones and musical gear to lamp-shades…say no more.


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