Mary Gaines’ voice has often been compared to Bonnie Raitt’s, having a similar vocal range and timbre. As a back-up vocalist, Mary is exceptionally skilled at matching a lead vocalist’s inflections and tone—adding harmonies that fit like a glove.

Chris Wagoner’s voice is smooth (from years of not smoking), and ranges from low to high tenor. Chris’ particular vocal talent is improvisational flexibility coupled with a chameleon-like ability to conjure different character voices and styles.


In addition to her beautiful voice, Mary is a proficient and unique electric bassist and cellist. She studied jazz cello with the great bassist, Richard Davis at the Univ of WI-Madison (Richard recorded with jazz greats from Ella Fitzgerald to John Coltrane, and is the bassist on Van Morrison’s “Moondance”), and jazz guitar at the University of WI-Stevens Point. Mary knows the difference between a D7 and an F#11b5 (ask her yourself).

In addition to his beautiful voice, Chris commands a small army of stringed instruments. Chris also studied at the University of WI-Madison, splitting time between the symphony and Richard Davis’ jazz class. Using whatever instrument(s) a song, part, or jingle needs, he chooses between acoustic or electric violins, mandolins, or lapsteels (slide guitar). Although not a stringed instrument, the accordion has often found it’s way into Chris’ recorded work.

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